Events Calendar

We enable and configure it as needed on Premium or Woo sites based on requirements of the customer

Plugin Details


The base calendar plugin required for any of the add-ons to work. It includes a calendar page, event posts and basic functionality. We include The Events Calendar Pro in PWS Core which contains the plugin’s full functionality, however, you must have the basic version installed and active to use any of the PRO features or any of the extensions.


Use The Events Calendar plugin when a customer would like a calendar displayed on their site with a directory of all events added.

This plugin provides a detailed and more hands-on event managing interface with options to add venues, organizers and locations as taxonomies in the event database. It also provides the foundation for a more controlled & self-managed ticketing platform if the tickets extensions are used.


Additional Setup Requirements: n/a

1. Download and install/activate the plugin
2. Go to dashboard >Events to add an event
3. By default the calendar will exist on the slug “/events/” so make sure you don’t already have a page set to that name or it will get overwritten
4. The shortcode for the calendar will not work unless the PRO version is installed

See Events Calendar Pro – we include the pro version in PWS premium builds


The Events Calendar + Events Calendar PRO: An Introduction

The Events Calendar: Using the CSV import feature


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